The term antique refers to things that are more than 100 years old. The term Vintage, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a French term used primarily to indicate the age of the wine, Vintage is referred to as objects that have been very popular over a period of time (from eighty to twenty years before), and again in time The term "Vintage" should not be used for objects under the age of 20 years.


Vintage Carpet is one of the newest models of carpets produced in Iran. This type of carpet is also known as the old carpet because the design is similar to the old and the old carpet. This carpet is used for contemporary and classical decorations so that the charm and beauty of the environment double.

It is also worth mentioning that Vintage is in the old sense and is referred to in the art of modern review and backwardness.


The way that the Vintage carpet is made is that it can be achieved by cutting or completely removing the Preeks from traditional Persian traditional forms. Among the unique features of Vintage Carpet, it can be noted that its durability is very high and its design is specific so that it attracts the attention of each visitor and increases the warmth and warmth of the environment.

Different designs of the Vintage Carpet can be used to cater to the tastes and in harmony with the desired environment in different parts of the house, such as the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen.


Vintage's carpet will create attractive and different decorations from other decorations. Vintage carpets are among the modern and new Persian items, and carpet weavers and designers of Iran have tried their best to produce this carpet. The space of Iranian old and national art is the land in contemporary homes with modern decoration. Fill up In fact, the Vintage Carpet is a link between the past and the old in the minds of individuals.

To increase the longevity of Vintage rugs, it is best to wash and clean them to a skilled and safe rug.


One can dare to say that the Vintage Carpet is a good choice for those who, while seeking classical modernity and decoration at home, are interested in and appreciate traditional and old designs.


Also noteworthy about Vintage rugs is that they have a higher variation in size than other rugs and you will be able to purchase them in proportion to the size of each part of their home. Vintage rugs are among those that are made of polyester yarn (synthetic silk). One of the other advantages of Vintage's carpet is its lightweight so that it is easily removable.


The common feature of all Vintage rugs is its old and old appearance, which, like an antique, has its luminescence and attracts attention. Vintage rugs can be used on the wall, on the sofa, and the floor. With the help of Vintage Cards at your home, you can achieve an unparalleled mix of tradition and modernity.


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